how do you stick to a fitness routine?

So happy to have Coach Jackie here to write a guest blog about her tips on sticking to a fitness routine - follow her on Instagram, @fabfitwithjackie, to stay up to date with her other fitness/wellness tips!

Hey there!

I am so happy to have this opportunity to guest blog with Kell. I will be writing mostly about fitness. If you have any questions or future topics you’d like to Kellie and let us know! Just a little about me...I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 15 years; I am former elite level athlete and have competed in numerous sports from racquet sports to martial arts. I have a passion for sharing health and fitness and more than a few favorite exercises.

So, let’s get started. How do you stick to a fitness routine?

As a personal trainer, I hear this question often and I’ve met a lot of people that have started and stopped working out. There are a couple of options that I often recommend:

  1. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a big fan of sticky notes. Write a sticky note with your “WHY” -- aka why you want to start your fitness journey, what your goals are, etc. Write it on a note and put it where you see it every day. Your “why” is what got you started and remembering your “why” can keep you going.

  2. Celebrate your small victories, whether it is making it to your workout 5 days in the week or doing one more push-up than the day before. Recognizing the small victories enables you to reflect on your accomplishments and realize your progress.

  3. Buddy up! Grab a friend and head to your workout. Working out with a friend keeps you both accountable and your workout goes by more quickly when you are sweating with a friend.

  4. Try a new workout...if your thing is dance and that’s what gets you moving, then find a Zumba class, a MixxedFit class or Barre and get to it! Most locations will have a free trial so you can try a different class everyday for a week ...if you are having fun in your workout and feeling accomplished when you leave then that is the workout to start with and keep in your routine.

Hope these help! Enjoy & stay fit!


Coach Jackie

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