20+ creative activities to do while quarantining

I don't know about you, but it's starting to feel like every day is the same - sleep, eat, work, exercise, watch Netflix and repeat. It's definitely a confusing and hectic time and we are all handling it in different ways.

My biggest piece of advice? Make the most of this time while you can! We may NEVER have this time again. At the end of quarantine, are you going to look back and be proud of how you used your time? While I have loved having time to catch up on some shows, I have also loved being productive - especially with tasks that I have put off for a while! Here are some ideas on how to spend your time these next few weeks (hopefully the last few!) - give them a try and let me know what you think!

  • Make some new recipes! Have you tried my Homemade Starbucks Frappuccino, or my Gluten-Free Pita Bread yet? My Paleo Reese's are also to DIE FOR and are super easy! Use this time to branch out of your comfort zone and give your taste buds some new flavors.

  • Deep clean. I know, I know. Cleaning isn't "fun" per-say, but now is a great time to knock it out! Especially areas you almost always neglect - carpets, baseboards, showers, toilets, etc.

  • Organize! Your kitchen, closet, pantry, bedroom, drawers - whatever it is, use this time to get rid of clutter and simplify your life. Trust me, if feels SO good! If it's overwhelming, take each day to conquer a new project and break it up as you go. Need some ideas on what to stock your pantry with? Check out my Virtual Grocery Shopping Tour to help!

  • Journal. Ever spend 5-10 minutes in the morning just writing down your thoughts or intentions for the day? With this time of uncertainty, putting a pen to paper can make a world of difference when managing stress.

  • Try deep breathing/meditation. Every couple of hours, try to head to a quiet space just to decompress - inhale for 4-count, hold for 4-count and exhale for 4-count (5-6 rounds) or spend time doing a short guided meditation.

  • Clean your makeup brushes! Aim to do this at least 1x a week! Ladies, we all know we don't do this enough.

  • Call/Facetime family and friends. Continue to stay in touch with your loved ones! Set up a virtual game night or just call to check in.

  • Clean out/wash your car. We all know we rarely ever take the time to do this, so get out in the sun for some Vitamin D, grab the kiddos, and make this an afternoon project.

  • Dive into a good book! I was never much of a reader growing up, but now really appreciate the time to sit down and read a good book. If it's not Nutrition/Health related, I love a good murder mystery or business-related book! Some current favorites: Body Love, The Cabin, Eat Dirt, Digital Minimalism, Feeding You Lies, One Million Followers, Eat To Beat Disease.

  • Finish any at-home projects. Whether it's tidying up the lawn or re-painting a bedroom, if it has been on your list for a while, (and you have all the supplies), get 'er done!

  • Clean out beauty/home products. We all know we can hoard some of these things - toss out those that are expired or are no longer a part of your daily routine.

  • Rearrange furniture or a bedroom/office. Sometimes there's nothing like a fresh new look. Update bedding or decor for a whole new vibe + feel!

  • Puzzles! A great way to break up the day and put your brain to work. Bring out the other games while you're at it. There's nothing a good old fashioned game of War or Uno.

  • Organize your work routine/processes. Unsubscribe from mass emails, snail mail, delete old files and simply find ways to minimize stress during your work day.

  • Try some new at-home workouts! There are TONS of options out there - spice up your routine with a HIIT workout, strength or even yoga to break up the day. Now is a great time to try something different and utilize different muscle groups. Try out my 4-Week Bodyweight Challenge if you need some additional guidance + ideas!

  • Create a budget. With this unique time of not being able to spend a lot of money, it's a great chance to create/modify your budget and get it all organized! I have used a Google Excel Sheet for years and it works wonders.

  • Get creative! Break out the classic markers, pens or coloring books and take it back to your youth. Nothing is more fun than fueling imagination!

  • Create an at-home spa! Bring out the face masks, moisturizers or even epsom salts to take a long bath or make a homemade facial. There isn't a better time to prioritize self care!

  • Listen to a new podcast series. Take time to educate yourself on a new subject or even just learn some new practices to add into your daily routine.

  • Order/print photos from your camera roll. I just ordered all the wedding photos from our engagement to our big day (580!+) and can't wait to organize them into albums when they come in. Finally order those photos from your camera roll and create an album to have for years to come.

  • Support local businesses. Order take-out, buy a new product online or even buy a gift card or leave an online review. Small businesses need help now more than ever!

  • Dye your hair a new color. No one will see it if you don't like it ;)

ALL THE THINGS! Seriously, this list could go on and on. I hope this helps to generate some creativity in your daily routine and break up the time at home! Stay safe and healthy!



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