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mayonnaise + dill salmon

Dinner for 1, please. I made this meal in under 10 minutes - remember, eating healthier doesn’t have to be complicated! Honestly, the simpler the better if you ask me!

Details for main:

I cooked a piece of wild-caught salmon with some avocado oil on a medium heat and topped with Primal Kitchen Foods avocado mayonnaise (trust me it’s so good!) + dill for the spice.

On the side:

I sautéed some chopped sweet potatoes (just chop finely and then cook on a medium heat in a pan with avocado oil, turning until crispy) with adobo seasoning + asparagus/mushrooms (cooked in a similar way as the sweet potatoes) and topped with avocado.

Super easy dish for you and that special someone! Enjoy!



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