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chicken fajita tacos!

While our sleep routines and work schedules have been all over the place during quarantine (can anyone relate???), you know what hasn’t!? TACO TUESDAY! Woooo!

Once we got married back in march, I mentioned to you all on IG that Daniel and I wanted to start to have some weekly/yearly traditions to stick to. So far Taco Tuesday has been consistent and has for sure become one of our favorites!


  • Siete Foods tortillas (for me)

  • Regular flour tortillas (for him)

  • Butcher Box chicken marinated in lime, beer and fajita seasoning

  • Toppings: sautéed peppers/onions/mushrooms, cilantro + avocado

We added a green salad on the side with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and radishes as well, and of course, chips!

PS just a reminder - NO food guilt allowed here and you do NOT need to earn your food! You are worthy of everything you want to eat and life is all about #balance - remember that! Besides, can we even LIVE without tacos!? #heckno




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