6 ways to manage stress

Let’s talk STRESS. It’s an awful word and an even worse feeling, isn’t it? The thing is - stress isn’t all bad. Without it, we wouldn’t be motivated to protect ourselves or perform. A certain level of stress helps us to adapt to our environment and pushes us to excel. The stress that is worrisome is CHRONIC stress, and it can affect you negatively in multiple ways including increased inflammation, brain function, sleep patterns, weight gain, aging, etc. BUT! The good news is that there are ways to manage it - here are some of my fav ways to do so:


🔸 Daily journaling/reading: 30min-1hr each day to journal or read is a great way to calm the mind and practice some self-care. Write about the days accomplishments, goals, or just cuddle up with a good book and learn something new!

. 🔸Deep breathing/yoga: Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I instantly inhale (4-count), hold (4-count) and exhale (4-count) for 3-4 times and it does WONDERS!


🔸Put phone away: As much as i enjoy connecting with you online, it’s easy to let social media get in your head! Next time you’re feeling anxious, put your phone away and go for a long walk and see how you feel.


🔸Balanced diet: This is KEY! do your best to avoid the processed sugars, refined grains or alcohol and focus on whole foods and a clean diet to fuel your body + your brain.


🔸Exercise: Daily movement is great for stress management - the important thing is not to OVERDO it. Maintain a healthy balance between active recovery days and strength/circuit training without putting your body in a physical state of stress!


🔸Gratitude: This.is.HUGE! Each day at dinner i make me and Daniel mention 3 things we are grateful for from the day. Turn those negative thoughts into positives!


How do YOU manage stress?! Need some help getting it under control? Let me know!



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