sustainable + "green" living practices

Happy Earth Day!!! Be sure to get outside today to both celebrate and appreciate the beautiful planet that we all live on.

One of my biggest goals of 2020 has been to find ways to be more “green,” both at home and with my day to day routine. What have you been doing to conserve the environment? Here are some of my favorite ways!!

  • Choose sustainable: make smarter, healthier food choices!

  • Plant a tree/start a garden: they can help save energy, create new habitats, clean the air and combat climate change.

  • Shop smarter: invest in less plastic and bring a reusable shopping bag (when allowed!) I love these reusable bags for a great Ziploc bag replacement!

  • Conserve water: shorten your shower, turn off while brushing your teeth… the less you use, the less wastewater we will end up with.

  • Be energy efficient: leaving a room? turn the light off!

  • Reduce waste: cut down on what you throw away or start to recycle.

  • Educate: dive deeper into topics to ensure you know the value + importance of our natural resources.

  • Volunteer: get involved in cleanups or other organizations within your community.

  • Live non-toxic: download the EWG or Think Dirty apps on your phone to help you choose non-toxic products for your home and office.

  • Walk or bike more. drive less!

I hope these ideas help to spark some creativity in how you can start to take better care of the environment! We only have one after all :)



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