10 tips for working from home

Do you have a job that allows you to work from home? Sometimes finding motivation can be tough, especially when your dog or the kitchen (and all the yummy snacks!) are just steps away! Try these few tips out and see it it helps next time you're at home needing some extra inspiration:

  • Start the day off with a hearty breakfast: You mother was right - breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! Start off with lots of protein, healthy fats, fibers and greens to give your brain and body the proper fuel that it needs for a long day ahead.

  • Time batch: Spend time on a specific task, knock it out, and then move on to another. Efficiency is key!

  • Make specific to-do lists: Write down 5-10 tasks that MUST get done and focus only on those until completed. This will help you to prioritize what is most important and crossing each one off the list will allow you to feel accomplished!

  • Take breaks: Every 1-2 hours, take 10-15 minutes to stretch/walk, grab a snack, or just hang out with your dog. Give your brain a break and then get right back to it.

  • Find a dedicated workspace: I love a good couch or bed just as much as anyone else, but maybe try to find a table or other “desk-like” space to keep you motivated!

  • Log out of social media: We all love a good scrolling sesh, but do yourself a favor and log out until you have finished all your tasks at hand!

  • Get dressed: Actually getting into real clothes and ready for the day is a great way to boost confidence and productivity! After waking up and having your morning coffee, go ahead and take a shower and get dressed.

  • Set real work hours: Pretending you still have a 9-5 will keep you on track and also leave some time in the AM + PM for some self-care and movement.

  • Invest in some blue-light blocking glasses: I love my Pixel Eyewear glasses (use code "healthandkellness" for $5 off your first pair!) to protect my eyes from looking at a screen all day!

  • Have FUN: Remember, working from home isn't a prison - find a place that makes you happy and be grateful for being in an open space vs. a stuffy office! Enjoy being with your family, pets or plants and make the most of it!

Try these tips out the next time you work from home to see if they help! You got this!! ❤️ Remember - one day at a time.

xoxo, Kell

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