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Well Balanced is an 8-week virtual development program focused on helping women thrive in all aspects of life. A foundation of nutrition + fitness in addition to mental health, physical & emotional growth, non-toxic living, gut health, fertility & menstrual health, body positivity, hormone health and so much more. The hope of this program is to provide a space for women to get vulnerable with both themselves and other women in addition to building strong friendships and connections that will remain even after these eight weeks.

meet your coaches!

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Trainer + Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist

so, what's included?

  • Access to a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Licensed Therapist throughout the entire program to guide you on the path to becoming your healthiest self

  • A 90-minute educational Zoom meeting every week, on Tuesday evenings (*all sessions are recorded in case you aren't able to make one!!)

  • A cycle syncing fitness program with four workouts/week that include video demonstrations, bonus rounds, and LIVE on-demand videos to follow

  • A pro-metabolic recipe guide (over 40 recipes!) that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks and tips on how to create a well-balanced meal

  • 30+ other handouts and PDF's to help support you in your journey: a balanced snack guide, happy hormone grocery guide, supplements guide, healthy swaps guide, cycle syncing guide, and more

  • Interactive e-books, worksheets, weekly group challenges and goal sheets to track progress and patterns

  • A private group chat for accountability & encouragement, during + after the program

  • A graduation celebration + take-home certificate!

BONUS #1: Add-On Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) + consultation ($225) - $100 off!

BONUS #2: 50% off first month of Tone It Down's MOVE cycle synced workout program, or 50% off your first BUILD or personal training session with her 

BONUS #3: 20+ journal entries to bring about personal development + change




the curriculum


Introduction, Discuss Initial Survey + Program Goals, Establish your WHY


Nutritional Foundations, Building A Balanced Meal, Movement/Cycle Syncing Workouts


How To Read Labels, Grocery Shopping Tour, Healthy Swaps, Non-Toxic Living


Digestion, Gut Health, Detoxification + Stress Management

(from the nutrition side)


Minerals, Hydration, Sleep, Alcohol, Supplements, Menstrual Health


Barriers To Change, Negative Self-Talk, Body Confidence


Setting Healthy Boundaries, Stress Management, Coping Strategies



Final Q+A, Resources List and Survey


Blood Sugar Balance
Non-Toxic Living
Macronutrient Balance
Stress Management
Self-Love + Self-Esteem
Cycle Syncing Workouts
Setting Boundaries
Body Confidence
Minerals + Hydration
Healthy Digestion
Menstrual + Fertility Health

and so many more!

Typing on a Computer

SPRING 2023 | $599


Payment plans available if needed. The program is 100% virtual, so you can join from anywhere!

*Join the waitlist for
Spring 2023 program!


next program!


Is the program online?

Yes! The program is 100% online, so you can join from anywhere!

What if I have to miss one of the sessions?

You will definitely get the most value out of the program by attending the LIVE calls, but they will also all be recorded in case you need to miss one.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, absolutely. We know that enrolling in this program is a big investment, so we will definitely work with you financially as best we can. 

Is testing included?

Testing is not included in the standard program formatting, however, you now have the opportunity to add-on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) + consultation for extra insight into your personal journey for just $225!

Is this similar to working with you 1:1?

This is definitely very similar! You won't get as much 1:1 attention as you would in my Nutritional Therapy programs, but the material and education is very similar. The group environment is amazing too!

What resources are included?

SO MANY!!! You will have access to over 30 PDF guides to assist you in this journey!

Can I join the waitlist for a future one?

Yes! If this one doesn't work for your timeline, just join the waitlist to stay in the loop for the next!

Do you have connections to qualified therapists?

Absolutely!! Jess has a bunch of different therapist friends and additional resources that she can refer to based on personality and treatment issue to help you find the right fit.


After completing the Well Balanced program, I have the most knowledge and confidence I've ever had when it comes to food! I had previously tried many diets, meal plans, etc, and none of them seemed to work well for me. I was working out often but not seeing the results I felt I should see, so I knew I was missing something in the kitchen. The program taught me healthy and effective methods for living a balanced but not restrictive lifestyle. It focuses on how to achieve mental and physical wellness in ways that are easy to incorporate into busy lifestyles. Jess and Kell provide a unique and welcoming atmosphere to discuss all aspects of health and wellness and how they are all connected to each other. You'll be surprised how much you can learn and incorporate in just 8 weeks! 



The Well Balanced Program has transformed the way I look at health and wellness. I had thought yo-yo and restrictive dieting was the only way to lose weight and somehow that would cure all my health concerns. During Well Balanced, I learned that the key to a healthy life is building a foundation of good habits and not what I remove from life but what I add. Kell and Jess do an excellent job of providing you with the tools and knowledge (and the most amazing resources!) to build your foundation and sustain it. I feel 1000x's better about my future health after leaving this program and feel that I will grow into a healthy relationship with wellness. I highly recommend to any woman wanting to dive deeper into their health!

- Kelsey


Being a part of a program where you learn to create lasting habits for both your mental and physical health has been amazing! I’ve tried every diet in the book and saw results but it was never sustainable. This program has helped me to build well rounded meals, create daily habits that put you in a more positive mindset rather than make you feel guilty for eating one piece of candy. I can honestly say working through this 8-week journey with a group of women also going through the same thing was refreshing, and helps you feel not alone in this quest to find what balance in your life means. I can not say enough great things about this program and how amazing Jess and Kellie are!!!
- Amanda

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 1.28.39 PM.png

After a few years of struggling to prioritize my own health and wellness and instead settling for what was easy or convenient, completing the Well Balanced program completely revolutionized my mindset when it comes to "healthy living." Before WB, food and exercise were very one dimensional: one caused weight gain and the other weight loss. How and why did I ever live my life that way? Well Balanced’s educational approach explains WHY the choices we make and the mindset in which we make them matter. Now, food is the necessary fuel that allows me to be active and being active is fun! This shift in mindset is the direct result of the program’s emphasis on reminding myself why being my healthiest self matters. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Kell and Jess!

 - Liz

past  graduates

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