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Well Balanced is an 8-week development program focused on helping women thrive in all aspects of life. A foundation of health + fitness in addition to spiritual, mental, physical and emotional growth for full  personal development. The hope of this program is to provide a space for women to get vulnerable with both themselves and other women in addition to building strong friendships and connections that far extend these eight weeks.





  • Access to a Health Coach/CPT + Licensed Therapist throughout the entire program

  • A 2-hour group meeting each week (*in-person or virtual depending on program*)

  • A fitness program with 4 workouts/week to do on your own schedule

  • A recipe guide (40+ recipes!) to offer guidance for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert + snacks

  • Interactive e-books, weekly challenges + goal sheets to track progress

  • A personal journal to keep track of your own growth + take notes

  • A private group chat for accountability  + encouragement

  • A graduation ceremony + take-home certification




Start Date:  OCT 11th



Start Date: OCT 11th



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Blood Sugar Balance

Healthy Travel Tips

Healthy Lifestyle Habits 

Anxiety + Healthy Boundaries

Stress Management 

Self-Love + Self-Esteem

Fitness + Exercise

Body Confidence

Goal Setting

Sleep + Hormone Health


Gut Health


and so many more!

 Post-Program Resources



Personal Trainer + Health Coach

IG: @healthandkellness_


Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist

IG: @jess_alexander5


After completing the Well Balanced program, I have the most knowledge and confidence I've ever had when it comes to food! I had previously tried many diets, meal plans, etc, and none of them seemed to work well for me. I was working out often but not seeing the results I felt I should see, so I knew I was missing something in the kitchen. The program taught me healthy and effective methods for living a balanced but not restrictive lifestyle. It focuses on how to achieve mental and physical wellness in ways that are easy to incorporate into busy lifestyles. Jess and Kell provide a unique and welcoming atmosphere to discuss all aspects of health and wellness and how they are all connected to each other. You'll be surprised how much you can learn and incorporate in just 8 weeks! 


The Well Balanced program was such a great investment! I have tried other programs in the past, but Well Balanced definitely took my education to a whole new level. I loved learning about so many different topics - such as how to better manage my blood sugar through diet, healthy snacks to have on hand during busy works weeks, and how to incorporate more mental health practices in my day-to-day life. It was great having Jess and Kell with me throughout the journey as well - it made me feel less of a "number" but rather someone they truly cared about getting to know. I recommend Well Balanced to anyone trying to change their life for the better!


Being a part of a program where you learn to create lasting habits for both your mental and physical health has been amazing! I’ve tried every diet in the book and saw results but it was never sustainable. This program has helped me to build well rounded meals, create daily habits that put you in a more positive mindset rather than make you feel guilty for eating one piece of candy. I can honestly say working through this 8-week journey with a group of women also going through the same thing was refreshing, and helps you feel not alone in this quest to find what balance in your life means. I can not say enough great things about this program and how amazing Jess and Kellie are!!!



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