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"I cannot recommend Kellie enough! I have learned so much in the time I have been working with her on nutrition, wellness and training. She is so genuine and knowledgeable it has made my journey to become a healthier person so easy and meaningful. I have already become so much stronger both mentally and physically. Her workouts are killer (a combination of strength training and cardio) in the best way and she’s always accommodating and considerate of your needs. I’m excited to continue!"


"I went on a grocery store tour with Kellie, and she is amazing! She explained healthy alternatives for different foods and pointed me in the right direction of what to look out for in ingredient lists. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about what she does. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance in nutrition!"


"I would highly recommend Kellie if you are looking to stay healthy. After a one hour grocery store tour walking the aisles I learned so much about reading labels. I thought I understood labels and was making healthy choices. Kellie provided a lot more information to guide me and was not judging. That’s what I enjoyed the most. She also provides recipes. And knowing what to choice is really only half the battle. Having those recipes made me more confident to go back to the grocery store and try out her recipes. As a newly retired person I plan on living out the rest of my life as an active participant, not spending my time at doctors. I encourage young an old to try a session with Kellie. Eating healthy truly does give one more energy and you don’t have that 3:00 pm slump."


"What an incredible experience it is to work with Kellie! She is full of an immense amount of knowledge in nutrition, exercise and wellness. Not once did I feel like I didn't have a cheerleader in my corner and she answered every random question I had. The recipes shared and found on her website are K I L L E R (seriously try them out) and her e-books are insanely helpful! (tbh I'm dying for that workout app to surface soon). From learning how certain foods and ingredients can impact my body to navigating the grocery story and learning better workouts for myself, Kellie seriously knows it all! Check her out - you won't regret working with Health & Kellness!"


"I started working with Kell recently and it has completely changed my life! Not only am I making better food/product choices but also being educated on the “why” I am making these choices. Before I was completely overwhelmed with what I have read on the Internet or seen on TV, but Kell takes things and breaks them into smaller pieces that are easier to understand. She is always available and encourages you to ask questions, and responds to messages in a timely manner. She is really easy to talk to and work with, and I feel comfortable asking her anything! I highly recommend taking a grocery tour with her because it truly was a valuable experience. She spent a lot of time with me going over items that I normally would buy, and suggested a better alternative. She would also explain why one food/product choice would be better over another. I learned so much, and now actively practice in the grocery store what she taught me! Overall Kell is amazing at what she does and her passion for what she does is evident. She really wants to educate you and will spend time with you to make sure you do understand. She has already made a huge impact on my lifestyle change! I can really tell a difference. I am feeling better fueling my body with the appropriate foods and the appropriate combinations (to help better regulate my blood sugar throughout the day). My breakfast has been forever changed because of her delicious smoothie recipes!  I am excited to continue working with her, and I highly recommend Kell to anyone!"


"Kellie is truly amazing at what she does. I always associated clean eating with eating chicken and broccoli for dinner, but she opened my eyes and made me realize that eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating bland foods. I finally see "healthy eating" as exciting and not an obstacle. She provided me with countless recipes, a breakdown of how certain ingredients impact our body and is always there to answer any questions I may have even after our session is over. I did a 1:1 session with Kellie after I logged my food for a week which allowed us to dissect what I was really putting into my body. After the 1:1 session, I did a grocery store tour. I finally feel like I have control over my eating and I am not depriving myself of anything - she even helped me find a healthier alternative to chips/cookies whenever I get the cravings. It is just all in moderation! I would highly recommend using Kellie if you are like me and are working out 4/5 times a week and are not seeing results because of what you are putting into your body. I was shocked to find out that some of the "healthy" things I was eating were actually not healthy for me at all. I finally can see and feel differences and I am grateful I have had this experience with her." 


"I was lucky to conduct a grocery store tour with Kellie, and I have to say this was an "eye-opening" experience for me. Kellie is knowledgeable and passionate about eating well and putting the right nutrients in your body in a realistic, attainable way. She did such a great job of breaking down all the nutrition labels on products I currently purchase and suggesting cleaner alternatives that contain less or no harmful chemicals, as well as explaining the long-term effect of those chemicals on our bodies. She also shared her tips on prepping ingredients ahead of the work week and some yummy ways to enhance recipes. For anyone that is on the fence about nutrition and health coaching, I highly recommend starting with a grocery store tour with Kellie as an introduction to healthier, cleaner eating. Thanks Kellie for an awesome educational experience!"


"Kell’s 2 week body weight program is SO AMAZING. I adapted it to do two workouts a week, so it stretches to a 4 week program for me and I absolutely LOVE it! Not only does she have great descriptions and pictures, but I’m always sore for a day or two after. I also really feel the cardio of the complex HIIT exercises. It’s so easy to squeeze in for 30 minutes at home before I cook dinner and I don’t need a single piece of equipment. I feel my body getting strong and I couldn’t be more grateful for the workout confidence I’m gaining. I’m DEFINITELY going to be progressing to the 4 week body weight program next! I can’t recommend the program enough!"


"I have always been overwhelmed going into the grocery store and trying figure out what all the right foods are to get and Kellie made it so simple and showed me everything to buy and not buy on our grocery tour! She is so knowledgeable and it was so interesting to know everything that I was putting into my body!! She is so sweet and will go above and beyond to help you!!! 110% recommend going on a grocery tour with her!"


"I purchased Kellie’s 5-day clean eating challenge and love it! It was great getting to try some new and easy recipes and it includes smoothies which I loved. She also puts the grocery list together for you to make it even easier. I never thought to put cinnamon in my smoothies and now I do it every day! Kellie also has amazing customer service. She is so helpful and quick to answer any questions. Love working with her!"


"Think you eat healthy? Think again! After a one hour grocery shopping tour with Kellie I am amazed at how many poor choices I make in the grocery store each and every time I shop.  Truly, I believed I knew how to read labels on products. NOT! If you are looking for a lifestyle change and not a diet I highly recommend Kellie. Nutritionists can tell you what to eat and what not to eat, but Kellie is different. She is willing to walk through a grocery store and ask you what you have been eating and explain the benefits or the downsides of your choices. Going through my neighborhood grocery store with her where I was familiar made a HUGE difference. Also, if I don't remember all of what she showed me Kellie gave me color-coded sheets broken down in categories to help me choose wisely when shopping. Kellie gave me recipes to get me started on a 5-day journey and she has recipes on her website. She was even willing to come over and help me cook. I have paid for nutritionists before, yet this experience of "show and tell" was so much more meaningful and helpful. If you are looking for a lifestyle change in your eating habits and want to stay healthy without judgement, I highly recommend Kellie!"


"I had the pleasure of working with Kellie by signing up for one of her 1:1 health coaching programs. We had designated meetings each week, but Kellie let me come to her at ANY time with any questions, concerns, and praises! If I was ever at the grocery store or a restaurant and needed some advice, she was super quick to help too. Kellie made clean eating and overall wellness easy and attainable. Everything she teaches is so thorough and she was able to answer every single one of my questions. I was a little weary in the beginning because talking to a health coach was out of my comfort zone and I had no idea what to expect. Kellie made such a huge impact and everything she taught me has helped me be mindful and greatly improved my health! Kellie is the absolute sweetest and I loved working with her! I highly recommend!"


"Kellie is absolutely amazing! I did a one-hour grocery store tour with her and she helped me understand what I am putting in my body when I just pick stuff off the shelf because it is easy or tastes good. I have always had digestive issues and I am excited to try new items and be more conscious of what I eat because I think this will make all the difference. She was very thorough and if I showed her something I ate or drank, she would always come back with other options that were better!! I highly recommend going to Kellie, she is awesome!"

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