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I genuinely love hearing from you, whether it is via a comment on a post, a direct message or even personally through email, however, I reserve the right to remove any posts and/or comments without prior notice or explanation. I have no need for negativity in my life, and I simply do not want to associate myself or H&K with any comments that promote negativity, offensive language or straight up rude statements. We need more kindness in this world! So if you have something negative to say, share it elsewhere. 

With regard to promotional material, I will not promote a product or company that I do not genuinely love myself, or that I don't believe in. I want to create trust and transparency within my blog & online material, that I in no way will associate myself with a company that does not fall in line with my own personal criteria. However, I gladly accept partnership opportunities or giveaways with companies that I do support, with the hopes to build their brand (as well as my own) and spread the word about healthier alternatives and lifestyle choices!


I accept the chance the work as a third-party advertiser or affiliate for any company that I support. This simply means that there is a chance that I could make a small commission from when you click certain links on my website or any other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram or YouTube). However, that commission is what helps to keep H&K updated with new content, recipes and other material, so I am super appreciative of any support!

If it aligns with my mission, I would be very excited to work with any brand or company to either collaborate with and/or affiliate with in regard to content relating to health, fitness, clean eating, clean beauty, travel or other lifestyle tips. Simply email me at and I would be happy to send over more information as well as my media kit!

I take pride in keeping the information confidential that is obtained through subscribers, or through visiting and purchasing something through H&K. No information that is gathered is shared with any outside parties, unless it is associated with a specific company giveaway or sponsor partnership opportunity. 

If you use any photo or design from this website or other social media platforms, I request that you link back to the original post and tag H&K for proper credit. 

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